And Then There Were 185...

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An F-22 Raptor pilot is in stable condition and recovering at an Eglin Air Force Base hospital in Florida after a training accident Friday morning, according to Air Force officials.

The single-seat fighter jet was assigned to the 43rd Fighter Squadron, part of the 325th Fighter Wing now based at Eglin. The jet crashed at about 9:15 a.m. in a test at the training range located 12 miles northeast of the main base, according to a news release about the incident.

The pilot ejected safely from the aircraft and has been transported to the 96th Medical Group hospital on the base for evaluation and observation, according to the release. His name has not been released.


Four Raptors have been destroyed in crashes, and four more were damaged by Hurricane Michael in 2018, but were swiftly repaired. The last F-22 was delivered in 2011

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