And then there were three!

Not this car, but maybe one like it? We’ll know in 31 days!

I was just informed Taylor has purchased his car for our upcoming cheap car challenge! All three of us have cars! Here is what he said in the Slack:

yeah. ugh. so yesterday —- none of those emails got answered (shocker). None of the calls or text messages were returned (also shocker). And one of my showings bailed on me. And a new one I set up was a “I’m at work right now but I’ll text you right when I get home” that of course, never got home.

So that left me with just one showing set up with a seller who was actually responding to me.

So I went and bought his car.

I have no idea what it actually is. Knowing Taylor it is a red, Japanese, high mileage, manual, body on frame vehicle with questionable paint and at least some of it having been spray painted, but still very lovable.


Now we need to arrange shipping and finish bookings. Exciting!

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