... and this didn't even happen in Russia!

A 28 year old was apprehended by Dutch police. He was driving his 20+ year old Renault Twingo without insurance, a lapsed inspection, a suspended drivers license and with an alcohol odor. But, most surprisingly, he had two stolen lampposts on his roof. But that wasn’t all:

To make things even more absurd, when his ‘97 Twingo had broken down but before police arrived a good Samaritan showed up who wanted to defuse this rather dangerous situation. He did so by towing the lamppost carrying Twingo to a safer space. His towing vehicle: A Citroën 2CV (600 cc 2 cylinder boxer engine, 29 hp).

The driver of the Twingo refused an alcohol test and was arrested. The 2CV driver acted as a witness for the police. August 1st, 2017.


Only in Russia Florida The Netherlands...

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