Now that I have a purpose-built gaming PC, I went ahead and bought myself Forza Horizon 3. This is my first encounter with any game in the series. Holy crap, I like it SO MUCH MORE than Gran Turismo. I mean, FH3 and GT6 have vastly different objectives, and I should compare GT6 and Forza 6, rather than Horizon, but I can’t help but feel that Forza is just better.

I’ve had the game for three days now and after some performance issues that I had to sort out on day 1, the game plays perfectly smooth and looks great. The level of customization is what I like the most. Want a Nissan 370z with a V8? Okay, you can do that. Want a 300HP AWD Fiesta ST? Done! And the sound. Sometimes I just like driving around and listening to the cars wind out. Each car sounds different and great in its own way. Of course, if you add a turbocharger to a previously NA car, you’ll be able to hear the turbo spool up. Different exhausts give different tones (all of which sound excellent). It’s the attention to detail that I love.


Here’s a screenshot of my Maserati A6GCS/53 Pininfarina Berlinetta that I snagged from the Auction House for 200,000 credits (originally 2,000,000).

Definitely one of my favorite games. If you haven’t played Forza or are a long time Gran Turismo fan that has gotten bored, I can definitely recommend this game.