And this is why I haven't ever owned a VW...

I find that VW are usually overpriced in my area. And that’s why I have yet to own one. Take this 2006 VW TDI wagon for example:

It has 365,000km on it, has rust holes in the rocker panels, yet in spite of the rust holes, the seller (incorrectly) believes this heap can be certified without issue. Yeah yeah... the engines on these are great. The problem is the electricals, trim and other bits.


Oh and they’re selling it ‘as is’ for $4000.

No thanks.

Then there’s this dip shit:

Selling a 2004 Jetta TDI wagon with 400,000 km on it that has been lowered to the point it needs a skid plate that he failed to install. And the pictures he took are absolutely shit. And he still wants $3500 for that heap.


And here’s another dip shit who is says he’s selling a Jetta Wagon, but when you look at the crappy night time pics, it’s clearly a sedan:


“just needs a couple of airbag sensor for safety”... riiiight. And it’s one with the undesirable 150HP version of the 2.5L I5. The updated version of this engine used from 2008-2014 is a gem. But this car doesn’t have that engine. And I’m willing to bet the “cold air intake” is more likely one of the crappy aftermarket WARM air intake. And it wouldn’t surprise me if this thing had a fart can on it... not that you can tell from the crappy pictures. 

No mention of the true mileage and the dip shit seller wants $5000 for his heap.

No thanks... not even gonna bother looking at these overpriced heaps.

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