And this, son, is why you don't run red lights...

Today, people just aren't paying attention. My family and I were at a summer fair at a nearby town, and heading back to our cars, and just about to cross a street, when a tow truck with a car off the back completely blows the light, but luckily doesn't hit anyone. Then, my son and I are driving back home, and stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to change. It goes green when, BAMM!!! a Dodge Journey goes flying past my car, sliding on its roof after being tagged by a late model Toyota Camry, who blew the light and smashed the Journey. Again, luckily, both drivers were OK, and there were no passengers. Both cars are probably a complete loss. I helped the driver of the Journey out of the car, and she was a bit shaken up, but OK otherwise. My son said he doesn't want to drive until he's 20, which is OK by me, at this point in time, as he's only 11. He likes fast cars too much, I don't think my insurance will like that when he gets his license.


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