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And this video is why I have a million more questions for the Snyder Cut of Justice League.

See, Martin Scorsese has a valid point, but it’s also not hard to see how Marvel Studios conjured up a myth worth investing mental and emotional resources to.

And that’s why I have doubts that the fundamental problems DCEU Justice League has will be easily fixed in one cut, even if I know that Zack Snyder is capable of making a fairly good movie and that his vision works well here.


Still, I do want to see the Snyder Cut, because if nothing else, it will give what these characters are due. They’ll never be as sturdily-developed as MCU’s characters (mostly — Wonder Woman’s already A-OK in terms of her writing), but it’s a better start for the rest of the team. I implore MCU fans to watch this, even if they don’t like the DCEU, not just to pick it apart but to see whether the creative talent actually had a sure shot at doing in fewer films what Marvel did in many.

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