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...and we're out

Our government have (mostly) lifted the lockdown as of this Thursday. Some restrictions on large gatherings, borders remained closed, and they’re leaving it another week before bars are allowed to open*, but basically it’s back to life as usual.

Now we get to see if it worked.

Signs are good at this point - we’ve been under somewhat more relaxed lockdown for the last 2 weeks, and new cases are still trickling along in low single digits with all of them being family members or carers of known cases, or recently repatriated Kiwis. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still lurking, or that a plane or ship’s crew can’t import a new batch.

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*sensibly IMHO, though I’m sure I wouldn’t think that if I owned or worked in a bar. Better to let “the new normal” become actually “normal” before the first Friday night that the bars are open than risk the drunken party from hell kicking the whole infection cycle off again

UPDATE: and in the press conference announcing the lifting of the lockdown, our Glorious Leader let it be known that in order to reduce the risk of infection, we must all “remain spaced out”. The internet is having as much fun with that as you might imagine.


Stay trippy, cats

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