And with that the bathroom remodel is (almost) done

Right so... when last we left my bathroom project... things were not going great. While the contractors had shown up and started with tear down, it was apparent that we weren’t all on the same page on a lot of it.

After my last post I decided to take a more active role in the project. For whatever reason I figured with a general contractor and a project manager things would just... happen. Not so!


My first step was to create a bill of materials (BOM) for every item that was a design choice and some associated hardware. (Meaning if I specified a certain valve facia, I went ahead and specified the correct associated rough in kit.)

I learned a lot by doing this. Mostly about how absurdly expensive stuff like this is, but also a lot more about how plumbing and tile works.

Next up, I called my project manager and said we were ready to begin again. He suggested I get with the architect and the contractor and make sure we were on the same page. This was a good suggestion, but also made me wonder why I was paying him at all. So I did have said meeting, but didn’t involve him in it. 


Or ever again.

The architect did an excellent job managing the contractor and shockingly work started getting done again as parts started to roll in.


To be honest everything went pretty smooth. There were no HGTV dramatic moments where they discovered the walls were actually made of black window hornets or... whatever happens in those shows. The problems were minor.

(Photos are in reverse order because Kinja)


I am happy to say as of today they are officially done.

Is the bathroom done? Not... really... They missed a few things, which I am happy to do, and the glass people won’t be here until the week after next. Also we need to finish assembling the vanity and put up the towel racks.


Other than that, it is done.


Are there things I would have done different? Yes.

Are there things I wish had been done better. Oh yes.

Do I wish it had been done on time and under budget. Of course.

But I am glad it is done...


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