In case you missed it, the season 2 finale of Parts Unknown was Detroit. As usual, when Anthony visits a place with both a colorful and tragic history, he gets you right in the feels. Last night’s episode was both heart-breaking and uplifting. I am not going to give away too many spoilers because you should just find the episode “On Demand” or something but I will say that he opens the show by touring the now abandoned Packard plant. The ruins of that structure is just mind-boggling.

Tony is also good about giving a nod to car-culture in many of his episodes whether it be the low-riders in LA or the “speed sisters” of the West Bank. The fact that he finished the season in the Motor City, is just one more notch in his Jalop belt.

However, something did strike me as odd with last weeks visit to Japan. Bourdain focused on the often strange and very misunderstood (by us mostly) “night culture” of Tokyo. We all know that Tokyo’s car culture is one of the most enthusiastic in the world. But yet no mention of it. Perhaps Tony did take a Wangan Midnight run and it got lost on the cutting room floor because it didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the theme. Even still the episode is worth seeing (especially for any of you who are into Sushi, Anime, Manga, or Martial Arts)

Here is the full episode (NSFW)

But Tony if you do have some lost footage of you hooning a high-horsepower Silva or something please share! :)