Andrew's FP article about regular cab trucks is correct

But... despite what the FP says 4 door trucks are cool too.


Bought it 2 weeks ago, it’s a used 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali with about 15,000 miles on it. The mileage is higher than I would have liked but my current commute is 6 miles round trip so it should even it out once we start driving the C300 again instead of taking this everywhere.

(giggles in stoner)


We put almost 500 miles on it in the first 2 weeks we have had it, mostly exploring around Indy and 98 miles home from the dealer.

The 15.6 isn’t 100% realistic because polar vortex and warming it up almost every day last week before I went to work. That being said I am not expecting to average much above 20 since it is the 6.2 V8 motor.

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