Android Bluetooth Help

So I recently added a new stereo to the Mini which has bluetooth. I have however been having a couple issues with the autoplay from my LG G4.

The head unit is set up to auto connect to my phone and auto play my music. This works fine when you have recently been playing music and the music controls are still present on the lock screen (I use a pattern lock). When the controls are not present on the lock screen the auto play functionality does not work and I have to press play on the head unit to start the music. When the music app is closed it does nothing which is to be expected as there are 5 different apps to play music with on my phone and there is no way for the head unit to know which one to use.

How have oppos set up their android phones and stereos to work properly? It would be nice to just have it auto play every time whether the controls are present or not.


Audi Quattro S1 for your time.

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