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Android chokes on lollipop.

Give me a break, I want KitKat back. Rant ahead. Toronado burnout for your time.

Lollipop was forced upon me. After reading the reviews about the changes I decided not to download the “upgrade”. Well one day I look at my phone (HTC One, the original[?] one before the M8 [I never heard of M1-7]) and it tells me my update is ready to install. What? I never agreed to download it... Ok well fine, so I have to click “install later” once a day. I can live with that. Well today the phone randomly restarts on me and says it’s installing the update. Yay...


My fonts are messed up. Some screens use default, some use Helvetica. I like things clean and simple. The red, blue, green, orange bars for the different types of apps really annoys the shit out of me. Just keep everything black. Speaking of black, my wallpaper is just that. Solid black. But when I’m listening to music, the lock screen wallpaper is the album art, which is usually a poor mismatch by Google Play. And even worse, there is no music widget on the lock screen to skip or pause. I need to swipe in every time. I haven’t updated the lock screen app cause the new one is ugly as sin.

I can’t watch Amazon prime instant video in any way shape or form. The Instant Video app is no longer supported, I can’t go through the Amazon app, and I can’t go through the good ole fashioned internet. Cause wouldn’t you know it, flash is not supported. Fucking FLASH! Everything uses Flash... The Xfinity to go app doesnt seem to work either. This is only made worse by the fact that Comcast is Comcast and the internet sucks at home lately. And I’m the type of person who falls asleep to some show, so I’ve been relying on the phone for that.

The quick setting widget I like is gone (BT, GPS, wifi, brightness and auto-update all in one clean bar). Now I have four ugly individual ones.

If I can easily revert it back to 4.0 without losing files and having to reinstall apps, I will in a heartbeat. Otherwise, its getting rooted and a custom ROM.

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