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Android guidance please

My iPhone 6s is starting to wig out on me. It’s been a perfectly fine phone, but I want to go back to Android. I liked that operating system better. I prefer a smaller phone, which was actually the reason I got an iPhone last time, because the good Androids had all gotten so damn bigly. I’m on AT&T, although I would consider switching back to Verizon. I liked their network better, but I’d rather not buy my wife a new phone as well, because her 6s plus is working fine. Budget is $300, although less is better.

Oh yeah, my phone is my only camera. It needs to be decent.

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I start reading phone reviews, and I just glaze over. Cut through the BS for me Oppo.


Roadmaster for your time. Man I miss that car.

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