This spring I switched from a VZW Motorola Droid Mini to a Republic Moto G 3rd gen. I don’t mind the carrier switch and it’s saving me money. What I do mind are the apparent settings and/or OS differences that are driving me up the wall. Do you know how to turn these “features” off? NSUs for your time...

I am going from Kitkat to Lollipop 5.1.1. I only have three non-stock apps on the phone and always close apps when I’m done using them, usually having no more than two (maybe three) open at a time.

1. When switching between apps, the phone forces the app I switch to to reload. Not only does this cause a frustrating loss of a few seconds nearly every time I move between apps, it also loses all unsaved data I may have typed in Firefox. If I’m listening to music on YouTube (yes, I do that) it will reload, make me press “play” again, and restart the song/video- not ideal when working in the garage, either. I’ve also lost many minutes worth of composition and image uploads just because the phone insists on reloading the app. This happens in Google Maps and Google Photos as well.

2. I use Firefox at home, work and on my phone with the exact same add-ons (ABP, Ghostery) on each, but somehow every version acts differently. On the phone when I open a link in a new tab, it waits until I switch to the tab to load the page. I would like it to load in the background while I’m reading the first page- that way it’s ready when I switch tabs!


3. While talking on the phone (who does that on phones anymore?) I have noticed that whatever sensor that tells the screen to turn off is a bit... insensitive. When I’m holding the phone up to my ear with either my hand or my shoulder, it has the propensity to turn the screen on as if I took the phone away from my face. When the screen turns on, my cheek ends up “pressing” a button. Sometimes that button is speaker phone and it unexpectedly blares full volume sound into my ear. Sometimes it hits the “mute” button and I lose the ten minutes I’ve been on hold with tech support at work because the agent thinks I hung up, thus wasting not 10 but twenty minutes of my time since I have to call back. This is a huge problem and often forces me to hold the phone at odd angles while talking. I do have an Otterbox Defender case.

More NSU because computers suck


4. At the same time, the feature where you rotate the phone back and forth along the lengthwise axis to turn the camera on is not sensitive enough- many times it won’t even turn on. This worked perfectly on my Droid Mini. WTF?

5. Sometimes when I do the flippy thing to turn the camera on, the camera opens and the camera icons are visible but the viewfinder is 100% black. If I press the Home button and open Camera from the home screen, it wakes up and works properly.


6. DESIGN FLAW. I have the Otterbox Defender case, but since its surfaces are direct offsets of the phone, I don’t think it’s Otterbox’s problem. Sometimes if I don’t set the phone down totally level, the curved back face will cause the phone to rock side to side, turning the camera on. This is a problem not only because I have to then turn off the camera and set the phone back down, but because sometimes I don’t notice that the camera turned on (since the viewfinder sees only the phone’s shadow, and a black screen looks a lot like an off screen). I have left the room to come back several minutes later, finding that my screen has been on the whole time because of the camera. There is nothing I can do in the settings to improve this, but Motorola should take note.

If any of you have solutions to any of these problems I would greatly appreciate it. I will send you an Internet Cookie!