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Left my Cruiser at the dealer last thursday morning, with VERY detailed and explicit instructions on what needed to be done.


Figured they would have no problem following my directions and getting it done on time. I was wrong.

Things they were supposed to do

1. replace the exhaust gasket on the header to y-pipe on the back header.

2. find the 2 frayed (melted) injector wires (#1 and #3) in the bundle EXACTLY where I showed the service writer and fix them and wrap the bundle in insulating material


3. flush the power steering

4. replace the transmission mount.

I hadn’t heard from them all week so I called yesterday afternoon and they said they were just finishing it up but they it didn’t need exhaust work (it does).


I go in this morning expecting everything to be fine minus the exhaust work. This is what I found.

1. nothing done on the exhaust

2. nothing done on the wiring harness

3. Power steering pump whines like a super charger now and there is fluid all over my cap and res (and it still smells old).


4. transmission mount is done. So that’s nice.

The tech said he didn’t see the exhaust leak so I showed him “oh yeah, I see it now.”


The tech said that the service writer told him that “something with the wires” needed to be done. and so he kinda looked it over and did nothing.

I don’t know WHAT they did to my power steering but its loud on turning and in straight running now. REALLY loud.


I asked if they could have it done today because I need it tonight and, well, kinda expected 5 business days would have been enough time.

“ooh, my schedule is really busy today, can you leave it with me?”

Part of the problem was the dipshit service writer which I kinda should have expected, I’ve been massively unimpressed with this guy, never calls back like he says, never answers my messages, is always gone when I am supposed to be there to pick it up.  Im sympathetic with the tech, he seems to want to do it right and also seems to blame the tech for poor communications but holy hell.  how is this so hard?  And what the hell did they do to my power steering?!

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