Was in a hurry to get to work yesterday afternoon as I was running late, went to park near the building across from work, misjudged in my haste (didn’t notice as I didn’t feel anything in the car), and managed to scrape my bumper cover on the wall slightly.

The wall has a slight low point that sticks out a bit, for example, looking down the length of the wall would look like this:
If that makes sense, the part with the arrow bit sticking out slightly - that’s why I bumped it...and apparently lack of depth perception. -_-

The brown scrape (the wall is painted brown) is the new addition...the rest is dirt and the very few scrapes that are there otherwise were from before I bought the car. Short of my black ice accident in 2015, this is only the second time I’ve been driving that I’ve hurt ‘Humdrum’....pretty mad at myself.

My mood’s been pretty sour lately, and this definitely didn’t help...

Off to work to the same shitty job....heard back from two I had applied to - I was passed over for interviews :/. The rest never sent me anything back.....*sigh / argh*