An F16 and and Su-27 got uncomfortably comfortable today and it was caught on video.

The Russian channels are claiming this was an unessicary provation over international waters.

NATO is claiming that the Jet and its 2 fighter escorts refused to squawk to ATC for its course or identity and that jets were scrambled as SOP.

Chalk this one up as another overblown incident that means little in reality but has big political implications.


Also, holy hell those comments in the RT video!

Man alive.

NOTE: Personally I think the US is at fault in provocations as much or more than Russia is so I think to characteris this and similar incidents as “they shouldn’t have been there!” or “I can’t believe them!” Well I can, and we’re similiarly provacative so there is no reason to pretend we aren’t.


Im not saying Russia is innocent, Im saying this “us vs them” attitude towards this whole thing (or as I like to call it - The Terrel Jermaine Star effect) is less than helpful.