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Angsty-boi title bout

Folks, here it is. Hold onto your fingerless gloves because the Angsty-boi title bout is about to go dooooooowwn. With two of the heaviest hitters in the game, you’ll decide once and for all which eye shadow-bedecked band deserves the ULTIMATE glory.

It’s pretty simple. You each get one vote, worth one point. Oh, except Hondoyota, your vote is worth... Oh... I don’t know. We’ll say three points.


On to the contestants!

In one corner we have “Headstrong” by Trapt. It’s you against the world, and you’re in the right, dammit!

*+5 rage*

*+4 angst*

*x3 eye roll*

IIn the other corner we have “Pain” by Three Doors Do—er I mean Three Days Grace. It’s a little known fact that whenever Mr. Arizona whose-new-Oppo-name-I’m-forgetting talks about hardcore punk, he is in fact referring to the band below

Honorable mentions for the only song by Papa Roach that anyone has ever heard—Last Resort—the entire My Chemical Romance catalog, and “The Kill” by Thirty Seconds to Mars.


Let the voting commence!

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