I guess either R&T changed him or he’s always gotten his jimmies rustled over what people did with THEIR cars.

How Idiocy Destroyed This Safari Alfa GTV 

Erm, no judging by the giant kinks in the rear quarter panels and the way the rear valence caved in it was destroyed by falling off of the tow truck. Most owners would of taken the insurance check, stripped the mods and had it hauled away to the junkyard. I’ll admit that jump was a really stupid thing to do but saying that it destroyed the car when it already had enough damage to total it is even sillier.

But if you’re a guest and you mess up a jump, no matter which Hoonigan shouts “send it” first, the damage is gonna be all on you.

No shit? They didn’t force the owner to appear on their channel nor force him to jump it, of course the damages he causes to HIS own car is going to be on him.

Now, some more already-rare GTV parts will be used to fix this car, instead of ending up in a peppy road racer. Something this ‘74 used to be.


This sentence honestly annoyed me the most. Mainly because 95% of the parts for these cars (and basically every part needed to repair this particular accident) are still being re-produced so they’re not that “rare”, and why do you care so much about where the parts end up? I thought proper car enthusiasts didn’t judge other enthusiasts on what they did with their car.

Honestly if anyone else had written this article I probably wouldn’t have done this but I always thought Máté had the coolest FP content and seeing him write a piece like this just irks me to no end. But I get it, controversy brings in the clicks which brings in the paycheck.