Instead of paying $200-$300+ to get rid of these critters, I decided to be a man and try to remove them myself. Until I wimp out at least. Apparently squirrels don’t have babies until mid-March, so I have until then to give up.

I have awesome neighbors, because one of them lent me this cage with bait included! Hooray! But getting that massive cage into a small attic door was an annoyance, -_-.

I saw two potential openings when I turn off my flashlight. One had been covered in siding, and was still good, the other is below.


Not sure if you can see that, but that’s the horrible patch job I did when I first moved here; in the cold, in the dark, so my wife would stop asking me to do it. *sigh*, in my defense, I had no idea what I was doing, and I was making it up as I went back then.

Well, I’ll figure the part out in due time.