Annnnnnd 1st potential issue with the E46 - Rumbling / Vibration over 55mph?

That was fast.

It’s not that bad, but I figure I’d catch it early. Description of issue as follows. I’m sure one of you will have a decent insight.

Getting it out on the highway today, I noticed something that I didn’t notice right after I bought it last week - everything is super smooth until about 55mph, where I start to hear (and sort of feel) a rumbling in the car. It seems to be worst at 60ish MPH. Nothing completely unbearable, but definitely something that shouldn’t be there.


Any ideas? I’m thinking center support bearing / flex disc? Could it have something to do with the rear diff? It’s hard to pinpoint where it’s coming from, but it definitely doesn’t feel like a tire or unbalanced wheel.

The problem is persistent no matter if I’m accelerating, decelerating, or coasting - it’s 100% speed dependent. I even tried putting the car into neutral at that speed, and the issue was still there.

Any/all suggestions are welcome :)

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