Announcement: Help Me Out, Tag Your Posts

As you may have noticed, the Best of Oppositelock is on a bit of a hiatus at the moment. It's a time consuming task to scroll through the [sometimes/often] 20+ pages of Oppo, categorize posts and then write up, make images for and format a post covering it all. I'm hoping that everyone can help me out a bit.

What I'm going to ask everyone to do is to add tags relevant to each section of the Best of Oppo to their posts, blog for longer articles and the like, happenings for things such as C&C photo dumps, trip journals etc*, discussion for a post that is thought provoking or asks a question and tips for neat stories, videos, etc. you may have found. If you're not sure where your post might fall, feel free to add more than one of the above. As long as it's tagged I'll see it and will be able to decide from there on.


*For the Best of the Rest section, please, someone come up with a better name, it's almost derogatory to the posts that end up there. If someone comes up with something good, maybe the tag should be changed reflect the new name.

Now, I can't expect everyone to see this post and do as I've asked. I'll do my best to include posts that haven't been tagged but some will likely be missed. If this is the case, I encourage the author to me know in the relevant Best of Oppo post. When this happens, I will refer them to this post and hold their post(s) in consideration for the next Best of Oppo.

Cheers, and keep Oppo awesome.

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