I am very proud to announce that I have made an offer for Jalopnik to Univision that is currently being considered. I’d like to share my plans for the site once the offer is accepted.

1) Mandate that Patrick George does more actual test driving himself. Hopefully he’ll write off a few more pre-production GM vehicles, just to fuck with them.

2) Create a new vertical like Foxtrot Alpha, Blackflag and the others called “Jeepnik” and make David Tracy the editor, give him unprecedented access to our archives, concepts and prototypes.


3) Update the terms of service to exclude anyone that does not buy FCA vehicles.

4) Expand upon the current editorial stance of GMG on Tesla.

5) Bring Oppositelock back home to the front page, but rename it to “Mopar Chum Club”

Please let me know your thoughts below.

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