ANNOUNCEMENT: MontegoMan bought a Rally Car

So here’s the story of MontegoMan acquiring a rally car:

I talked my friend into riding along with me so he could drive my 07 Milan back after I purchased a car. So we set out Sunday morning aiming for southern Indiana (from the Detroit area). And by the time I hit the Ohio border I got a message from the seller of the 83 Bubble Back Capri that he couldn’t meet today (AGAIN) after I was already in route.

I was less than pleased.

BUT I had a back up plan. There were 2 more Capri 5.0's in driving distance and my buddy was game to go car hunting.


I called the one that was unfortunately the most expensive but it already had a strut tower brace and frame ties. It was definitely in the nicest condition without having the 84 and up front end (that one hangs a LOT lower and is not ideal for rally). Guy said he was available no problem. So we hung a left and headed to Cleveland.

Where I found my new RallyX Car. After a test drive where the owner took us for a spin first I got behind the wheel. Only to remember (oppo confession time) it’s been YEARS since I drove stick and I have NEVER owned one. Which was proven by quite a few stalls trying to get going. EDIT: HUGE SHOUT OUT to my sister who taught me to drive manual on her 86 Mustang 4 cylinder 4 speed 13 years ago right after I got my license.

After getting around a few blocks, I pulled up here for the final negotiations:


And then I bought a 1982 Mercury Capri RS 5.0 4 Speed.

Since this was the above was the only picture I got at the time of purchase we stopped off at a rest stop on the Ohio Turnpike on the way home for a few more:


Last night I realized there was a brand new 5.0 lurking in the background:


And after a very eventful experience getting out of a toll booth, here it is in my driveway where it belongs:


Now I start the hunt for another set of wheels and some winter tires. For cheap. Because this was damn near my whole budget. At least it already has frame ties and a strut to firewall brace under the hood. I should be able to run it as is with some wheels/tires. Best part of these is the ground clearance up front and the hatch that will hold a set of tires on the way to a track!

Can’t wait to really dig through it and share the story with you guys. This weekend you’ll find me practicing manual in a local empty parking lot for at least a few hours.


Ladies and gentleman: Capri Rally has begun.

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