A few weeks ago, I got an email from the Oppo Mods asking if I’d like to join their team. After some consideration and a week spent “shadowing” their group discussions without mod privs, I accepted their offer. Here’s a nice little 3rd person bio blurb:

For those who don’t already know, Yamahog is an engineer who has a Camaro, an R6, and a K1500 Blazer. She competes in Strongman and can be found walking into neighbors’ yards to catch new Pokemon.

On to fun things: We now have an Oppo Instagram (@Oppositelock1) and I’ll like to host a weekly #filterfriday thread where everyone can submit their own pictures, and we’ll put up our favorites with attribution. Bonus points if it is actually a filter.

Consider this our first #filterfriday open thread and please comment with your pictures and Instagram handle (optional). If you don’t have IG or would rather not have it mentioned, we can mention your kinja name instead. Credit and thanks to SaveTheV8s! for starting our IG.

PS - if you have questions/concerns about my appointment or the process surrounding it, I encourage you to email OppoModerator at gmail to ensure we all see it rather than clog the thread.