Following a seven-week hiatus, This Date in Aviation History is back! My schedule has calmed down quite a bit (plus, I got the job I was auditioning for), and I realized just how much I enjoyed (and missed) doing these posts.

Starting tomorrow, aviation history posts will be back on their regular Tuesday-Friday schedule, unless I realize that this is a terrible idea and have to stop again. I am going to try very hard not to just repost old articles, but that will, of course, make up a large part of the material going forward. However, I plan to flesh out the articles with deeper information, do some necessary rewriting (the secret to good writing is rewriting) and add some things that I skipped the last time around. I also hope to keep doing the occasional one-off post about other aviation topics.

As always, thanks for reading, and I appreciate the comments of those regular readers who were sad to see it go and equally encouraging of my bringing it back.


We’ll be taking off shortly, so please return your stewardess to her original upright position. We have a scheduled arrival at Oppositelock International Airport on Friday at 12:35 EST. I hope you enjoy your flight.


Photos by the author