Sorry everyone, need to vent.

So today is my Friday (normally don't work Friday's, I have a 4-10 schedule which normally turns into 4-12). At 3:30PM I get out of a meeting early thinking that I can finish up some small things and get out early (5PM).

But all of a sudden I get an email from the leader of the team I am on (she thinks she is our boss but she's not), asking a few of us to review the application she wants to send in to corporate for us to get an award. It is due today at 5PM Central, and it was CRAP.

Misspellings (how do you even do that using Word?), terrible punctuation, run on sentences, sentence fragments, "it's" for "its" (I never use "it's" in a formal document anyways), forgetting to use "an" before a vowel, etc. The worst was the part where she changed from first person to third person voice mid sentence.

Now of course I would like my share of the reward (my share would be $1200), so I read through this trying not to hit my head against the table. Instead of a normal review, I ended up having to pretty much rewrite half of it (7 pages long) in the next 45 minutes.


Needless to say I am very annoyed by this. I did my part, finished up some more work and now I am going home.

Has anyone else had an experience with someone like this? They make themselves out to be very important but in fact are barely competent and wait until the last minute to do the work?


Here's a pretty picture for your trouble if you read through all of this.