I’ve had an occasional rough idle so I popped the hood today on the Ralliart with the purpose of checking my vacuum lines for obvious leaks. Chaos ensued.

I realized that the filter box which kind of clamshells around the air filter wasn’t hooked on the clamshell hinge. I had to remove the snorkel and air filter to budge it enough to move it. I broke one of the snorkel clips removing it. The other, I put down on my spare set of wheels and it feel through, never to be seen again. Turns out, that had been my last two extras so I had to ziptie it down instead.

When I removed the air filter, a gasket popped out - in THREE pieces. I didn’t even know there was a gasket between the air filter and filter box. I couldn’t even find it online so I guess that’s gone forever. I guess I’ll get that aftermarket intake soon.


Then I thought: you know, while I’ve got everything apart, I ought to probe the throttle body wiring to see if I can nail down that ETV trouble code. I pull the connector and nope - can’t be backprobed. Son of a b......

Tidied up, put it all back together, and called it a day. You win some, you lose some.

Not my car, but same thing.

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