Annoyed and bummed

Frustrated with both my jobs. People need to feel useful and valuable: some days at my job I do, some days I feel like people go out of their way to minimize my value. Today is one of those days.

Two jobs? Well sorta. I’ve started selling my writing, such that it is, and have been having some success but not yet with a large audience. I had pitched some writing back in early April and was told it was a go, they’d love to run it. I put a lot of work into it and was stoked they would give it an audience.


The message was clear in the emails “We’ll run it as agreed, but give us a little time.

7 weeks and many emails later - nah, never mind.

Im annoyed that it sat for so long during prime season for the story, I’m frustrated that I was told they would run it and strung along only to renege and Im angry that I had to put other buyers on hold so I could have a chance to run it with them.

Coulda used a win today instead of that shit.


On the plus side, I can’t believe how well the cruiser is running. Did an 900 mile road trip in it last week, 170 of those miles on rough dirt and trail and it was smooth, quiet and solid. so thats nice. I even caught a little air and had a nice 200 foot dirt drifto.

Would love to say that I’ll feel better after the long weekend but Im working in the rain and cold out of town then coming back early to work Monday.  Im editing my trip though which is bringing me some joy and I’ve got some camping and beach time planned in the next few weeks.  

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