Annoyed at computer ports

Been looking at building a new computer, and am astounded that in 2018, someone would put not just one, but two PS/2 ports? I recognize that there are a few specialized applications that benefit from a PS/2 keyboard port, but does it really need to be included on every single motherboard? The above motherboard is what I’m most likely to buy, but the amount of questionable choices in impressive (even if most of them are quite standard).

In addition to the PS/2 ports, I’d rather not have so many obsolete video ports taking up space (better here than on Ryzen boards though, since Ryzen can’t even drive a display, yet almost every board includes the same combo of VGA, DVI, and HDMI).


I’m also weirded out by the two shades of blue on the USB (some systems use this to distinguish between different flavors of USB 3, but these are all 3.1 Gen 1, and even by the one lonely USB 2 port.

The board itself is a Micro ATX form factor, which makes you wonder why (again, in 2018) they’d devote precious and limited space to headers for parallel and serial ports (again, I know people still use serial ports for some things, but that is so rare, it’s weird for it to be pretty much every motherboard). I’d love to have that space go to a couple more USB headers (even USB 2) instead.

Anyway, I’m annoyed, and wanted to share. While I’m at it, cases kind of suck when it comes to ports as well. Very few seem to have USB type-C ports, and many still lack USB 3.1, or for some think people still want USB 2 ports on the front of the machine. I’d be looking at a Fractal Design Define Mini C which hits you with two USB 3.0 ports, when what you’d really like is two 3.1 type A’s, and two 3.1 type C’s.


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