One of the highlights of New Orleans is the National WWII Museum. We make the trip every year to participate in the WWII robotics challenge. It’s held in the Boeing center, under the amazing display of aerial hardware.

The robotics challenge is a series of tasks worth points based on the difficulty. The kids have to design, build, and program a Lego robot to complete as many tasks as they can in two and a half minutes.

This year the theme is Monument Men and the tasks are based on preserving monuments, clearing ‚Äúrubble‚ÄĚ, or delivering packages to different part sheets of the board.


Since two teams compete side-by-side, there are usually points awarded for some difficult task that affects the other team. It’s usually a cooperative task, but the team selection is random, so you never know who will be on the other side of the board.

I’ll be hanging out here all day. Have a great day, Oppo!