Another 1969 Firebird Update

How about an update? Sure!

It's been a bit from my last update so there's a few things to go over. First of which was a severe electrical issue that cropped up. I was fortunately able to get that remedied and once again have a safely operating vehicle. I do still have an issue with the tail lights working properly. I'm pretty sure most of this is just due to the sockets being corroded.

I installed the new wheels and tires and I've been driving the car for a bit trying to sort those


I'm still clearencing a bit on the wheels, but it's rub free for most types of driving. I'm just having issues on deep undulations. This is to be expected when you lower a car a good 3"

Anyway, the next step after figuring out the tail lights is to start putting the interior back together, passenger side door handle, alignment, tune up etc. Probably a month away from plating it.



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