Wait! Before you click away! This isn’t no shitty “Bel Air” concept or anything as ugly as that wannabe Malibu with a Colorado powerplant...

This is the 2007 Buick Riviera gullwing coupe concept

And as you can tell it is miles away from GM’s other “heritage” concepts. It looks great imo and I love the Ferrari FF looking rear end where the hatch meats the bumper.


And to top off this simplistic, modern design you get gullwing doors that look more at home on Merc over this Buick


And this time the interior is don’t right. I quite like how the interior looks like a Mercedes interior just drag and dropped into the car, the only thing Buick about this interior is the shitty part where the upper part of the dash (black plastic) meets the lower part of the dash (tan plastic) it just doesn’t look right.

I always wanted a new Riv and this design would still work in today’s market especially since this concept looks to have shaped a better portion of Buicks current lineup