Smash and Grab.

I was fortunate that I hadn’t packed the truck to leave Houston for the weekend. However, they did grab my laptop bag with my work laptop, a couple of external hard drives, my personal iPad, my monogrammed gadget bag, a small Olympus camera, and worst of all, a couple of weeks of work that hadn’t been backed up!


That may not be the worst news. The floods yesterday created a healthy demand for rental cars and all I could get was a rental-spec Fiesta. I know some of you guys like these, but I feel like I’m in a clown car. I’m tempted to drive north or west tomorrow and see if I can find something better.

One thing I’m not doing is driving East. Why? Well, I-10 is closed indefinitely. A barge crashed into the bridge over the San Jacinto and took out a couple of pilings.


With additional road closures due to flooding and traffic being diverted, the expected drive time is seven hours. Seven. Hours. It took nearly three hours after lunch to get the break-in reported and find a new rental. They’re expecting even more rain, so there’s a good chance it would take even longer to get back. So, now I’m stuck in a hotel for the weekend. At least I was able to grab a loaner laptop from the office so I can start rebuilding the files I lost.

What a day.

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