At work we have a Versa Hatchback, with the conventional automatic (non CVT), as a company car. We use it for UPS runs and picking up customer cars, and I occasionally drive it. I’ve driven it quite a bit lately. I rather enjoy it - for a cheap shitty econobox - and sometimes I treat it like the “Reasonably Priced Car.”

Due to the lack of a market for hatchbacks here in the states, and the fact that we don’t really like stick shifts around here, these cars are getting damned cheap. Like sub-100,000 mile cars for under $5k. With the 1.8 and 6-speed manual.

I need a “go to the dump, and pick stuff up, and go to work,” beater while my wife drives the nice car. Plus I could maybe learn to drive better by taking it Autocrossing or Rallycrossing.