Another car got dropped in my lap this morning.

The car is owned by a young lass that lives out in the sticks.

She’s had a few knocks to the front that ‘weren’t my fault’, lol.

But they are isolated to the front bumper.

The car is a 2014 (64 plate) Ford Ka. 1.2 (1,242cc), 70bhp,

She was suitably pleased with the car.




Engine bay degreased and dressed with Jaffa Clean and 303 Aerospace protectant.

Car degreased, pressure rinsed, shampoo’d, pressure rinse, two bucket wash, pressure rinsed, fallout remover used on whole vehicle, pressure rinsed, de-tarred, pressure rinsed, sealed with water activated sealant, pressure rinsed and dried.

Interior vacuumed, drivers mat and rear passenger footwell shampo’d, interior surfaces cleaned, rear parcel shelf shaved from pilling, interior glass done.


Exterior plastics and rubbers dressed along with wiper rears, wheel arches and tyres dressed.

I’ve made her promise that when she wants it cleaned, to bring it to me and not to ‘Shiny’ (a local hand wash company who use open cell sponges and chamois that scratch the hell out of the paint work, chemicals that damage wheels and rubbers).