Here’s an updated list of all the cars I will ultimately not buy:

[For simplicity’s sake, the desired transmission is manual except where noted]

Modern vehicles:
- A3
- Protege5
- Mazda6 wagon
- IS Sportcross (auto only)
- allroad

Little bit old:
- Camry SE Coupe V6 (auto)
- 4Runner (likely auto)
- 318ti
- 2 door XJ (possibly auto)
- SC400 (auto)

The usual suspects:
- Tercel wagon SR5
- 78-79 Celica coupe
- Prizm GSI
- Cressida wagon (auto is fine)
- 80's Camry wagon
- 1981 Audi 4000 coupe
- E24
- Corolla Alltrac SR5
- Corona wagon
- MKIII Supra

Surprise! I’ve made zero progress whatsoever. I am no closer to knowing what I want. Through my lack of enthusiasm, I’ve already let a few good vehicles slip away.

And all the vehicles are on different planes of existence. The 4Runner is a good idea, but doesn’t quite get the mojo flowing. The SC400 is awesome but impractical, and I’m not willing to spend $6,000 on a good one. I happen to love the way the old Camry wagon looks, but it won’t be able to live up to the Tercel. And as for the Tercel, it is probably the one vehicle that I would buy without hesitation — or so I once thought. I passed up on three locally in the last 3 months because I wanted to hold out for one that wasn’t quite as “crispy” as my last two. But then I see what good ones are asking for now: 3500, 4000?! That’s a LOT of money for a Tercel. But man the temptation is there.


I did want to shake things up this time. I bought the “dream” old, fun, Japanese coupe last time, and we all know how that ultimately turned out. I kind of want to dip my toes in something new, something even moderately luxurious. Like the 6 wagon, allroad, or A3. Unfortunately, all of these cost actual real money, which I don’t quite have yet.

And as I sit here, thinking about all other things in my life that involve money, I’m still really having trouble with the idea of spending any serious amount of on a toy for myself. I mean, there’s just so many other useful things that thousands of dollars could go towards. Vacations, home improvement, investments, student loans, and so on. Car payments are not up for discussion at this point in my life.

Well anyway, thanks for reading!