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Another Chiron and Coffee // 07 July 2018

This day started out normal, nice sub 80F temperatures early on which was nice for a July. I walked the show and saw some pretty nice iron, including a track prepped VW Gol (think VW Fox), which was absolutely amazing. I talked with some people while I made my way over to the supercar section where I copped a NSX and a 1100hp Ford GT before moving on to the road side to get some exit shots.

I usually stick around till around 10am. I was about to call it when I saw something in the distance. No... really? It’s BACK! I had seen it once before in February’s edition of Cars and Coffee, but getting stationary shots just wasn’t going to happen that month. The car was literally mobbed. This time the owner decided to not put anything on social media before attending. The result? Way less people around. I ended up exhausting my battery shooting a stationary Chiron with glorious slider shots (from my amateur perspective).

The funny thing was that I loaded my gear that morning and nearly nixed the power brick. It is impossible to charge a battery for a significant time unless you have a lull in filming. A lull that never happens... I still brought it, and the lull came in the form of waiting on the owner to leave. It got my battery back up to 10% which I used to shoot the Chiron leaving the show. My birthday is coming up... I think I am going to get a third battery so I will never run out again...


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