Another Copart Success Story.

Most of you guys know me for finding ridiculously cheap vehicles across the nation, cleaning them up and oftentimes keeping them until I get bored, rinse and repeat. So I have had really high highs and a couple lows. This is the case of one of my extremely high feelings of euphoria after finding a great deal on Copart Auctions.


We managed to get a 2015 Subaru Forester Pze for $8500 with 27k miles in pretty much mint condition with clean title. 😍😍😍 Haven’t driven it much because we bought two other cars at the auction yesterday including a 2014 4runner that needs a little TLC from hail damage. I’ll update all of you when the other cars arrive to give you my impressions. I have a massive driveway and I’ll barely be able to get all the cars in once they get here, which is a good problem, I’m not complaining. I’m simply excited beyond words and felt the need to share.

Have any of you guys owned a CVT Subaru before? It seems to put the power down pretty well, but I didn’t get the chance to open it up on the freeway because of traffic. Let me know your thoughts and if you’ve picked up any gems from Copart lately. I could literally flip this Subaru for $22k if I wanted but I think I’ll keep it until June or something.

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