It’s not uncommon to find people who get into a project, find out how in over their head they are, and then try to recoup some of the money flushed down the toilet on it. There are also people who think their time is worth as much to others as it is to them. This race “car” post falls into both camps. I put car in quotations because it isn’t a car. It’s pieces of a shell. A shell you can probably find elsewhere on craigslist for pennies. Anywho, it’s parts of a camero, an old 505 big block, a powerglide transmission, and some nitrous bottles. For $30k. Some of these parts might be worth something to some people. A quick glance shows me that I can get a properly built 505 for a few grand, a powerglide for twoish, and the rest off of craigslist for practically nothing. Is the work this guy put into not finishing it worth the extra $20k?



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