Here's another goodie from Cuba's version of Craigslist,

It's a 1960 Buick LeSabre four-door hardtop. Most old cars on the road in Cuba are from 1959 and earlier, but the American embargo on sales of cars to the island began in April of 1960, so some post-revolutionary vehicles made it in before the cutoff.

That year saw the dramatic tailfins of '59 reduced and blunted, while the body sides were now more sculptured, and the headlights were styled to resemble the jet intakes from a B-47 bomber.

Like so many other cars there, the Buick's thirsty nailhead V8 has been replaced by a five-cylinder Mercedes diesel with column automatic, hooked up to the original rear end. The Buick power steering unit was adapted to the Benz engine and disc brakes were added in front.


Body and interior look much nicer than many of the patch-jobs usually seen. The seller points out all the trim and emblems are original, including the dealer emblem below the deck lid; he says the wheelcovers are original too but they're actually from a '59 Electra 225. His only lament: that expanse of wraparound windshield is cracked, and it would take a long time to source one from outside Cuba (although not impossible - old American car parts are trickling in now, probably through Canada).


Price: 16,500 CUC ($16,500 USD). Original ad here. And as usual, per local law, non-Cubans need not apply.