Our CX-5 is getting some age but is still a great car. We bought it brand new in December 2012 with 6 miles.

Over the last six-and-a-half years, we have only had to do normal maintenance items (tires, brakes, wipers, and air filters/oil changes). The only two “repairs” it has needed are a software update to the transmission control module (covered in a TSB), and an adjustment to the tailgate latch.

I also changed the light bulb that illuminates the gearshift indicator in the center console when I noticed it had burned out in 2015. We installed a backup camera from Amazon as ours is just a Sport (base) model and didn’t come with one from the factory.


Averages 26-27 MPG in the city and well over 30 on the highway. It’s a great vehicle for us and I look forward to many more miles with it.

I got my wife a gift certificate to have it fully professionally detailed for Mother’s Day...since she spilled an entire fruit smoothie in the front passenger seat a couple weeks ago. :-O


TL;DR: We have been very blessed with reliable service from our CX-5, even though it’s an early production model of an entirely new platform from a tiny company. YMMV, but I’d recommend one if you or anyone you know is interested in a small-ish crossover.

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