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Another day another dinghy

Spent a day on the New River fishing, swimming, and cruising. For those of you who haven’t seen my posts about it before, the raft is a 14ft inflatable that fits in the trunk of my Acura TL. It’s cheap, easy to launch, and ridiculously stable.

Its powered by a chinese electric “4hp” outboard and 4 12v batteries in series. It isn’t fast by any means, but it reaches top speed as quick as you can turn the throttle, runs quiet, and is always on for minor adjustments during fishing.

Sheetz mac and cheese and beer...the essentials
Only one person upstream for a mile

The weather was perfect, the water was warm(ish) and clear, and there wasn’t too bad of a tubing crowd for it being Labor Day. Cant wait for the next trip.

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