Another day in the garage

Working on the DD instead of the project car...

This time it was the parking brake cables. Left rear was seized, and the right rear was sticking to the point that when it held on ONLY the right rear, it would not let go all the way.


“What’s that awful smell??” My daughter asked..... Oh, that’s just my brand new right rear brake pads being cooked off.

Removing them was no big deal, but ACCESSING them from the garage floor (should have done it at work on a lift) with the exhaust and sharp metal heat shielding all up in the way.... lets just say I sacrificed some skin and blood to the automotive gods.

But they’re all adjusted nice, and now I have TWO rear wheels that will hold the car from rolling (unlike Stef) and no more smelly burningness.


Also got to work on a custom metal under-shield replacement for my broken cracked and sagging plastic stocker... I need to finish the edges, add a door for oil filter access, and paint it something other than white.

I forgot to take pics while snipping and fitting and drilling it.... Its ugly but it works. And once I got it on there I said “screw it, it can hang on there all week.”


I’ll put the finishing touches on it next time.

Some day I’ll work on the Trans Am again.... when my everyday-mobile stops needing things.


Edit: Just realized my 15 year old jack stands match my car perfectly.

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