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Another dead end. Help me Oppo!

Just as I was about to drive two hours away, a posting surfaced on craigslist saying the car I was about to go see was a scam and had a swapped cluster to fake lower mileage. This is the second car scam that I have almost been entangled in in the last two weeks. I even took the day off of work already and had a buddy lined up to help me drive it and the other car back. I love my turbobrick but shes leaking oil all over the driveway and every pothole seems to be the last one she'll take before she falls to pieces. She needs a retirement. Will someone please sell me a 4WD/AWD wagon(or even a sedan) with a manual transmission(I'll even go for an auto at this point...) that takes less than 3 years to get to 60 and won't explode on a 4 hour road trip? I'm in western Mass. I will sing your praises from the highest mountain. That is all.

Pic related: My beloved turbobrick.

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