So my monitor natively is 1600 x 900p with a default refresh rate of 60Hz. I found out it actually goes up to 75Hz, but you have to adjust it through your graphics card settings (Nvidia).

So I set a custom display setting of 1600 x 900p and 75Hz refresh rate. The only problem is that now things are kind of blurry, like when something’s been screenshotted too many times. The odd thing is that it doesn’t affect games and the difference between 75Hz is appreciable over 60Hz, so I don’t really wanna go back.

I played around with the scaling options, and setting it to “no scaling” or “fullscreen” is the same as what I have now, but I can set it to “aspect ratio” which gives be large horizontal black bars, but clears up the blurriness a little bit, but it makes the aspect ratio seem off (well is messing with the aspect ratio, since no blackbars would be the proper 16:9 it’s suppose to be at)


screen shots of the settings I changed.

(Also tried using lower resolutions of the same aspect ratio, with the same result, but zoomed in)

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