Another DSM Build - Frankenstein

By this point you all know me; I’m the guy that owns old Audi, Maserati and other obscure cars throughout time. I’ve been in the DSM scene for ages and have written all about that as well. I currently own a beautiful 90 TSi and my buddy Nathan and I have tons of friends with DSMs.

This one is very different however.

Multiple Personalities

This car is owned by my friend Matt, and Matt too owns an Audi (mine is long sold) and now a 90 TSi. Except.... it’s not a Talon. Nor does it have the appearance of a 1990.


Story time folks, so grab a craft beer and buckle up. This car owned by Matt, was also once owned by another friend of ours (he owns the Cornsnake in which I wrote an article on) way back in the day. One night he hit a deer, and finding the 1GA pop up items wasn’t really working out. So, he converted the front of this car to a 1GB fixed headlight front clip.

This is quite unusual as typically the 1GA stuff is the most desirable, so this is quite one of a kind in this sense. This particular DSM is a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T front wheel drive. At this point, it’s rocking the Eagle Talon front end from a 1992-1994 range and pulls it off nicely.

This car is very solid, there’s not a spot of rust anywhere to be found. It’s currently in need of paint at some point as you can tell from the picture, but this is a solid 1G DSM, so you overlook that very quickly.


The Theme Continues

I said his car is unconventional, and it stretches beyond the mismatched body parts. The 4G63 in this Eaglbishi is exactly a build I’ve dreamed of doing, and it’s a completely baller on a budget build.


The 6 bolt block is indeed utilized, but with non-turbo high compression pistons. If I recall correctly these are 10:1 vs the 7:8:1 that my turbo pistons pump out. That means torque and turbo spool is going to be absolutely nuts.

It doesn’t stop there either, oh no. The cylinder head is a 7 bolt unit from a 2G. This can be a controversial subject, but for street use and kick ass drivability and mid range powerband, it’s the way to go. The 7 bolt head uses a 1mm smaller head bolt hole, so Nathan (being the artist that he is) bored them out that extra 1mm to allow use with the 6 bolt block. ARP head studs hold everything together, and it’s a match made in heaven.


The bottom end as we discussed uses non-turbo pistons, and those are connected to OEM forged rods and an OEM crank. ACL race bearings keep everything smooth. This engine has been completely gone over multiple times, and Matt wasted no time making it pretty.


The valve cover and intake manifold have been powder coated, various other items have been painted to a like new finish. All the timing covers are present and clean unlike most DSMs. Just look at that bay, it’s beautiful.


Nathan managed to get it running and we’ve been chasing some basic hiccups, but it seems like the MAF has decided to crap the bed, so that’ll be getting swapped out. Otherwise, it sounds fantastic (uses my old Talon exhaust connected to a Megan downpipe) and everything seems super smooth.

He even went as far to V mount the imtercooler to prevent cutting the bumper support and to give this car a complete stealth appearance. If that isn’t creative and shady I don’t know what is.


Keep an eye out for more on this mad science project gone right, because there will be more. If anyone is going to the DSM Shootout it’ll likely be there, and comment to let me know. There may be as many as 7 of us that have cars built or touched by Nathan, so it’s gonna be a proud day for him. Plus you’ll get to see this bad boy in person as well as mine hopefully.

Stay tuned, see you at the Shootout, and be sure to always build the most obscure thing possible!

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