It’s going to be much the same as Duurtlang’s- mostly stunning Alpine scenery with the odd car in the way. I’m going to do a rental car review as well, so I’ve left most of those photos out. I really need to get a decent small camera for things like this.

We met up in the parking lot of a Supermarket in Imst, and waited in the handy Mcdonalds next door whilst everyone arrived.

You can’t hear the constant bell ringing.

On the first day we stopped at this reservoir, dodging cows on the way.

Yes, it really was that colour.


We then headed to the Stubai Sommerrodelbahn, which is basically riding down a mountain in a plastic tray attached to a rail. You may have seen the youtube video

Our trip down was less exciting, being stuck behind a couple who don’t appear to have understood the concept, meaning it was impossible to get speed up for more than a few metres.

After that we headed up the Penserjoch, to an elevation of 2211m.

It took a long time to find the hood release. You also don’t get gas struts.


It was at this point the first sign of problems became apparent with the Mighty Senator, with the coolant puking at the top, and it bubbling away for quite a long time. We all raised our hoods in solidarity. We got some strange looks. We headed to the Hotel in Campitello di Fassa, and as by that time the hotel restaurant had closed, went and had pizza outside.

View from the Hotel

On Saturday it was time to visit some more mountain passes.

Yes, that’s a road on the left. And snow.


The Passo Gavia was one of the more difficult ones, not due to speed but the sheer volume of traffic- Bikes both human and petrol powered mixing it up with supercars and campervans. All trying to squeeze on the same single track road with not a lot of guards on the side.

A nice group photo.

After this we headed over to the second hotel, which was really good. Unfortunately the Senator decided to blow a hose, leaving the rest of the coolant on the ground.


This put paid to our plans to do the Stelvio run with everyone, so had dinner and sorted out a recovery truck for the Senator. The hose looked easy to replace so there was a chance it’d be back in action.

Duurtlang, Out with a zz30w, the Mysterious Dr Canard and Me decided that we’d go up the Stelvio pass anyway. By this time it was dark, and there were some impressive lighting storms happening.


At the top. The Campers had already arrived.

I’d have to say this was one of the best drives of the weekend as the roads were free of cyclists, bikers & Dutch Campers, so we were able to get a good clear drive. It also helps not being able to see the massive drops, as it’s absolutely pitch black.


We got some pictures with the sign- sadly forgot the Oppo stickers, then headed back down. The MR2 and the BRZ went ahead for obvious reasons, but I caught up at the tunnel traffic lights about halfway down. By this time the brakes were fairly faded and definitely smelling. What I wasn’t expecting were the plumes of smoke from either side as I pulled up to the stop. I hope the AMG version has something better!

The next morning was a complete change in weather, up until now it had been super hot and blue skys. Now it was wet and cloudy.

Still slightly smelling.


After breakfast calls were made as to the whereabouts of the Senator. Had it been repaired with a team of mechanics with the parts overnighted from Germany? It had been taken to a local garage after all. However, it being Sunday, this wasn’t the case. At this point 505 - Morphine not found left for a long trip back to Hungary.

Spot the Senator.

While we went to the Tax Free Fuel station, Schafft tried to contact the local towing company to find out what was going on, but they weren’t answering the phone. Alternative plans needed to be made.


We drove on in to Switzerland, mindful of the strict speed limits and enforcement of the area. This was a fairly relaxed drive.

We stopped for lunch at a small Swiss town, after a foggy and wet mountain pass, and having a small detour down a dead end. Later in the afternoon I got the off roading photo checked off.


This seemed to amuse the Finns in the Camper just out of shot.

Rustholes left us in Davos to get home, and at the Austrian border Schafft took a ride in the GLA to catch a flight back. Some issues with the Nav aside (I’d left it in avoiding toll & motorways mode!) we got to Munich in plenty of time for his flight, after verifying the claimed top speed of 200KM/Hr. After dropping him off and encountering some angry airport drivers I checked in to my slightly strange hotel for a flight home early this morning.

To top off a fantastic weekend I spotted this absolute delight on the way to get some food.


Things I didn’t get a photo of: Canards, The 2CV on the Stelvio pass, The R8 Toupee Club, many other Supercars that get less interesting after a while, the crazy drivers (The stereotypes are true about the Italian driving style), Canards, the British Banger rally in Livingo, loads of classics, the Puke at the Austrian border (not ours!), and Canards.