Well, it is happening - we’re buying a way too expensive of a house, and on top of it, we’re keeping our current house as a rental. So, when our leases are up in April of 2020, we will probably just give them back, and not get another “new” car.

Instead, I’ll use the my old 2000 Tundra with 133k miles, and wife will buy a 2009 Honda Fit with 40k miles and stick. It was her late grandmas, and it literally was used to store and church. Her uncle from New York inherited it, but it lives at my father in laws garage in Colorado. We can have it for whatever we want to pay them.

I think it is base, so I might have to find some Fit Sport parts


This way, we’ll have no car payments for foreseeable future. Great idea financially, but puts a stop on my Abarth plans.

But, in order to agree to this, I told my wife I want to fix up the Tundra. As on queue, bam! I just don’t know if I am ready to spend $2000 on bumpers, although I have the cash ready to go.